How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Factory Restart

How to Hard / Factory Reset Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - Whenever something goes wrong, we look for a solution. On Android smartphones, the Admin has many of the most popular factory reset solutions among them. If your cellphone does not work or you get a few errors when using it, doing a hard reset known as a factory reset can solve the problem for you. In this tutorial, we will learn how to do a factory reset / hard reset on Xiaomi Poco F1 to remove bugs / problems and restore the default configuration.

Performance and stability issues arise over time when you use the phone. This usually happens because of the chaos that piles up silently when you use the phone.

These disorders include cache memory, toxic applications and of course junk files downloaded from the internet.

So, as time goes by, this chaos begins to affect various aspects of the Android operating system and that results in different problems and bugs on your mobile. Most of the time, this problem can be solved through uninstalling the application and clearing cache memory.

Doing a hard reset has many advantages. Imagine if you give a cellphone to someone or want to sell it, you can reset your cellphone. That way, other users will not be able to obtain your files or use them for some unethical purposes.

Thus, it becomes important for you to worry about your privacy and security. There are many people, those who keep switching from one cellphone to another.

For users, this hard reset is mandatory and must be applied every time they move to another phone. The Factory Reset method on Xiaomi Poco F1 is very easy to do.

No need to have technical skills to carry out this action. This is one of the basic problem solving solutions that you must know and learn to do on your mobile.

Sooner or later, you might need to format your Pocophone F1 phone for several reasons. During this tutorial, you will learn methods for making a hard reset on this smartphone.

Because you reset it, it will delete all files in the internal memory. All applications, games, downloaded files, music, videos, and files installed on the phone are completely removed.

And after you take this action, there is no way to cancel it. Therefore, you must reserve all important things before you take this action on your mobile.

It doesn't matter if you use special aspects such as special ROMs or recovery or mods, it won't affect those things. This only removes apps, games, settings, special configurations, and downloaded items that are presented by the phone.

So, after you do this hard reset on your cellphone, it will be as usual when you have it for the first time. Configuration / settings will change to default.

Also does not delete root access. If you root on Xiaomi Poco F1, you don't need to worry when you take this action. You will not lose root access on your mobile.

Doing a factory reset only deletes files and external configuration, has nothing to do with firmware and root access. The following instructions will help you hard reset your Xiaomi Poco F1.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Factory Restart 

This process deletes cache and data files. As such, this will completely erase the device, leaving no cause for problems with the device. So, you have to do this method appropriately and carefully.

  1. Open the Settings menu in your phone.
  2. Tap on additional settings.
  3. Then, tap on Backup and reset entity.
  4. Next, tap 'Factory Data Reset'.
  5. And finally, tap 'Reset Phone'. 

Be sure to remove the SD card before you take this action. Otherwise, this reset will format the SD card and everything stored on the card will be deleted.

That's how you can restore to your factory settings on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1 phone. It helps in various ways. This removes application crashes, unusual reboots, abnormal behavior, and many other problems.

After you take this action, your cellphone will reboot and be taken to the immediate setup screen. It might take a few minutes to appear, so don't worry about that. That's normal and happens in general.

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